For Fetzer...

Born June 1, 1998 (or so they think)

lived an awesome life until April 6th, 2015 (missing the best cat ever)

Don’t want the book? Maybe you can just spare a few bucks to defray vet bills... If so, thanks!

Now in digital form!

Fetzer’s Tale (a cat and doggerel) is now available on Amazon for kindle or similar formats. Fetz and I would so appreciate your support. I love this cat with all my heart. You will too. I know we are all dealing with our struggles, Fetzer is one of mine. I’m not asking you for money, I’m asking you to buy my book and am hoping you will be touched by some of the pictures and poetry I wrote while she was dealing with surviving a pitbull attack.

Now, diagnosed in December with renal failure, she is fighting for her life again. Your support would mean so much. But, it’s more than that...  this is just a love filled book about an awesome cat.

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Also available in paperback on Createspace.

Don’t believe me?

Just click on the word - createspace!

It seems impossible to get a list of book purchasers,

but special thanks to contributors:

  1. Mom and Dad

  2. S. Burkhalter

  3. D. Froberg

  4. C. Hanks

  5. C. Kruggel

  6. J. Mclean

  7. J. Meehan

  8. N. Pfiester

  9. L. Purkis (in memory of Cammie Bear)

  10. J. Smith

  11. A. Thomas

  12. I love and appreciate you..

  13. as does grey cat Fetzer...



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